Become a Brand, not an Employee

It is clear that a person employed to work for a wage or salary is referred to as an employee, but this can mean different things to different people. The fact that an employee is expected to do work according to their job title and description in exchange for a salary or wage, does not mean they cannot do more than their specified responsibilities.

A job title and description is a formal way to specifically outline what is expected from a person employed to work for a pay, but this can project an “employee mindset” for people who only think of themselves as employees. When a person employed is mostly fixed to only perform work or tasks as specified in the job description, they have an employee mindset. It is absolutely alright for an employee to do exactly as expected of them according to their job description, but this can limit one’s abilities and potentials sometimes. Employers or colleagues may not know what else you can do if you only do work as expected of you. To be more successful in your career, you must extend yourself and do more than your job description, when it is necessary. But you must not do what is illegal or what is not allowed or is against your employer’s vision, mission or goals.

When employed, think of yourself more than just an employee. Think of yourself as a Brand, because you want your employer and colleagues to distinguish you from others employees, and this is what is referred to as “personal branding” in the job market. As personal brand, you are able to think and perform beyond just an employee. In your work, you aim to demonstrate and reveal your best potentials and abilities, and this helps you to excel in your career. Employers and colleagues are able to identify special skills and abilities in an employee who is exceptional.

When you are exceptional and excellent as an employee, you stand out as a brand, and this positions you for such privileges as promotion or  salary increment.  To become exceptional as a brand, you must work on and perfect your skills and abilities. You must always update yourself with the latest information and technology. This helps you to be abreast with the current trends, and gives you a better advantage to perform far more than your colleagues, or beyond your job description.

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  1. This is very wise counsel. Employees should aim to do more than expected of them but within the confines of the organisations’ objectives, mission and vision. This would make them different from the rest.
    I have loved this piece of advise. Indeed as employees we should be a “brand”.

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