Don’t Comment your Phone Numbers

One of the reasons a lot of individuals are still unemployed today is because they do not apply for jobs as required by employers.

Many have continued to complain that they are never shortlisted for jobs nor receive calls for interviews despite having necessary requirements, qualifications and skills. However, their attitude toward job adverts is what costs them? One such behaviour that has become common among many individuals on online social media is responding to job adverts by commenting their contact numbers or ‘interested’, with a view that the employer will see the number and call them for the job. This is wrong and unacceptable and will not get you the job because the employer will never call you. When you comment your number on a job advert you only put your own life at risk, because everyone can see it and fraudsters may take advantage of you.

You can tag someone to the job advert on social media to alert them about the opportunity, but this is very different from commenting phone numbers.

Unless a recruiter (or advertiser) specifically requires that you comment your phone number as a way to apply for a job, this is not the right way to apply for job vacancies.

The conventional and acceptable way to apply for jobs is by writing an application letter (or cover letter) and attach to it copies of necessary qualifications or documents and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) then send it to the recruiter or employer either by postal mailbox, or by email as stated in the ‘How to apply’ section of the job advert outline. It is very important to read and understand job advert instructions in order to respond accordingly.

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